Check Your Smile – Der Tragödie dritter Teil

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Eine Bildergeschichte von Claus Worenski und Silke Weinsheimer nach Zitaten
aus Johann Wolfgang v. Goethes FAUST (I + II).

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Photographer: Silke Weinsheimer
Assistent to Photographer: Georg Bochem
Make-up: Barbara Obel
Styling: Andrea Weinsheimer
Graphic design: Kasimir Reimann
Choice of excerpts: Claus Worenski
Mephisto: Claus Worenski
Project development/Production: Claus Worenski & Silke Weinsheimer

Year of production: 2002

Claus Worenski, Maskentest für Mephistopheles

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english version

Check Your Smile – The tragedy’s third part

A picture story by Claus Worenski and Silke Weinsheimer based on excerpts
from Johann Wolfgang v. Goethes FAUST (I + II).

Excerpt left picture:

No bliss satisfied him, no enjoyment,
And so he tried to catch at shifting forms:
The last, the worst, the emptiest of moments,
He wished to hold at last in his arms.

Faust II, verse 11587 – 11590

Excerpt right picture:

I like to hear the Old Man’s words, from time to time,
And take care, when I’m with him, not to spew.
It’s very nice when such a great Gentleman,
Chats with the devil, in ways so human, too!

Faust I, verse 349 – 353